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A look At The Chrysler C

They say that if you want to make a long lasting impression then you should make an impression during the first time. Indeed, the Chrysler 300C was bale to make a big scene upon its release. In fact, in a street where there is a wide array of vehicles, you won't find it hard to spot this model in an instance because of sophisticated look that would draw your eyes to look at it. The Chrysler 300C is the performance version of the 300 but with a Hemi V8 and it is powered by an automatic transmission.

Its engine is competent enough in shutting down valves and fuel injectors for vacant cylinders. This is especially helpful to preserve gas during operation which set this model apart from other vehicles on the road because of this unique feature which save fuel therefore helping the owner in their expenses an the whole economy as well. It is also mounted with 18' wheels and SmartBeam headlamps that come standard that is a kind of headlight that perform better than the usual kind of headlight to augment visibility most specially when driving in a darkly lit areas like night time driving or when there is a harsh weather condition. Also for the occupant's safety, the Chrysler 300C is also fitted with four-wheel-disc antilock brakes that will stop the vehicle precisely on the right moment when the brake pedal is pushed therefore reducing the risk of bumping to the vehicle located in front of yours.

Furthermore, the traction control and an electronic stability control system is also used. Mounted with chrome-plated door handle that opens up an interior that is stylish and appetizingly clean, you will feel relaxed all throughout your ride. Its dash and door panels are two-tone, the lowers is highlighted with taupe to lend an airy feel while on the other hand the upper part is in deep green hue. The panels that house the information screen are completely readable and it is finely crafted along with the tach and the speedometer. As most people would say, owning the Chrysler 300C will give the feeling of 1960s style when you look at the dash's satin-silver finish that is created in perfect rectangular shape. It also features an analog clock just at the top of the center vent as well as an LCD display at the bottom which the company calls as the Navigational radio.

Comfort is also given because of its AM/FM tuner, MP3 player, 6-disc CD system, and DVD-based navigation system. Moreover, the Chrysler 300C is fitted with comfortable seats as well as huge space cabin that will permit you to move around to get the position that you want while taking the ride. Its climate controls are simple yet classy because of its minute chrome accents on the knobs and plain pictograms for the ventilation modes. Buying old model of the Chrysler 300C is a good idea particularly in terms of financial aspect since by buying this kind, you can free yourself from the abrupt depreciation rates that happen with brand new vehicles. This is especially good news for those people who would want to ride a vehicle minus the huge amount of money that will be spent if you go for a brand new.

You won't have to worry about the quality of second-hand Chrysler 300C because all of its models were finely crafted to last for a long period of time so you can be sure that although it is old, quality is still there. Indeed, it is a real value for money! Its performance, road charisma and luxury seek to the levels of big European sedan at a lesser price!.

Written on behalf of Total Fleet Services
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