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Tachin�� up�Xagain: 2005 Pontiac GTO

Forty years after the debut of the original, Pontiac introduced the GTO coupe -- a modern day incarnation of classic street performance -- last year. Initially introduced in 1964 as a high-performance option on the otherwise pedestrian Pontiac Tempest, the current coupe stands alone as a separate model and body style. [read more]

2005 Pontiac GTO to add muscle and style

Even though the GTO will probably be outsold by the now discontinued Aztek three to one in 2004, Pontiac thinks some upgrades will help with sales in 2005. [read more]

Two New Pontiac GTOs For SPEED World Challenge

Autosport Development is stepping up their commitment to the SPEED World Challenge GT Series with a two-car effort for 2005.

"SPEED World Challenge is the best road racing series on the continent," said team owner, David Moxlow. "We couldn��t be more pleased with the Series. From top to bottom, they deliver on their promise. The competition is the best there is. We��re convinced it will only get better." [read more]

The Last Ride Makes Broadcast Television Debut

DETROIT - The first 2005 GTOs are scheduled to arrive at select Pontiac dealers by the end of December, but interested customers can get a sneak peak at the new model on the DVD release of The Last Ride, the USA Network original film starring Dennis Hopper, Chris Carmack and both classic and modern GTOs.


Gearing Your Pontiac up for Summer

Summer has finally come. Bright sunny days, warm weather, and clear blue skies: This is the perfect season to go for long leisurely drives to your vacation destination or travel along the countryside with your family. But, before you head off down that road, you should make sure that your car is geared up for summer. The dust, hot weather, traffic jams and bad road conditions can wreak havoc to your car. Thus, you have to prepare your car to lessen the likelihood of a mechanical breakdown that could really dampen your summer trips. In addition, the effects of last winter can still lead to potential failure if not fixed on time. Here are some of the important parts you should check and fix before traveling.

Checking Fluids

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape requires constant monitoring of vital fluids. Read you owners manual and look for a diagram of the engine. Most times there will be a diagram showing where to check all the major fluids. This should be your starting point. If your manual is lost in the glove box or you never had one, then ask your mechanic or a friend who knows cars to show you all the places to check. There are 4 major levels to check on most cars.

Your Car's Electrical System

When the automotive industry was in its infancy, it used electricity only to ignite the fuel inside the engine. By the late 1920's, the electric starter replaced the hand crank, electric headlights made acetylene lamps obsolete and the braying of the electric horn drowned out the squeak of the hand-squeezed air horn. Today, an automobile requires an elaborate electrical system of circuits just to produce, store, and distribute all the electricity it requires simply for everyday operation.

Body Care

The winter months can be tough on your body... your car body that is. Salt and chemicals used in the colder climates can wreak havoc on your cars precious sheet metal. By doing a few simple things this winter, you can keep your car's body looking it's best.

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