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A User Guide on Used Rental Cars

Since car has become a basic, either owning a car or renting it is inevitable. For traveling to a place for short duration, renting the car is preferable on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Individuals rent the cars for short distance travels. There are big companies or corporate which maintain a minimum fleet of cars for essential requirements and hire cars on a regular basis for additional requirements or as and when required for occasional requirements, in order to avoid idling of some vehicles. This will entail in saving money towards expenses on drivers wages, fuel and maintenance of cars. The company will also be free from the hastles of employing extra staff and maintenance of vehicles.

Generally, rental car companies provide drivers along with the car but sometimes they do not. It is better to rent cars with drivers. The rental agreement is an accord between the potential hirer and the company for renting the vehicle including all accessories; tyres tools and equipment. We can get a detailed history of the rental car company along with the maintenance records. A look at the odometer can suggest the mileage it has undergone (twenty to thirty thousand miles are common) but a huge problem is with tampering of odometer which usually does not happen with a reputable car company.

Rental cars companies take pride in claiming that their cars are very well maintained and even go to the extent of turning off repeat customers if the cars are not in good shape. In case of used rental cars, there are certain conditions. A valid driver's license and a credit card are necessary. The vehicle is delivered to the hirer in sound condition along with the seal of the odometer unbroken. The hirer on rental agreement has to return the vehicle in the same condition. Illegal parking in violation of the law or agreement will result in the company taking possession of the vehicle.

A person who has not been identified or approved by the company or not possessing license for that class of vehicle or under the influence of alcohol or has given a false name, address or age and holding a license for less than two years cannot drive the vehicle. The vehicle must not be used on unsealed roads or for carry inflammable, corrosive or explosive materials, unless authorized in writing, to tow or propel any vehicle or a trailer or to carry greater load unlawfully, for speed trials, hill climbing or racing, in infringement of any regulation controlling vehicular traffic or for any illegal purposes. The hirer is responsible for all rental charges agreed upon in the agreement. All charges and penalties will be claimed by the company for any traffic violation incurred during the hire period, loss or damage to the vehicle, legal expenses, assessment fees, towing and recovery, the hirer leaving the vehicle unlocked or keeping the key insecure regardless of cause, the vehicle being totally or partially immersed in water, failing to maintain all fuel and fluid levels and failing to report or rectify.

The rented car can be driven within the state or outside state depending upon permit with the rental agencies. There are different types of rental cars subcompact, compact, full size, medium, large, premium, minivan, van, convertible etc and they vary in seating capacity and in overall size. The rent will also be fixed according to the company and type of the vehicle.

If the hirer agrees to the terms and conditions of the agreement he is liable for a damage cover. The hirer must return the vehicle with the amount of fuel intact as it was at the time of hiring. Otherwise, if there is less fuel, the difference would be charged. If the vehicle is not returned in time, a late return charge might be applied whereas early return carries no refund. There is also another facility called GPS Navigation system provided by some rental car companies that give us turn-by-turn instructions and directions that help us to find out the location of the vehicles and safely reach the destination, of course at an extra cost!.

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