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Auto Detailing and Removing Odor in Vehicles

Auto Detailing can be a very rewarding job for the meticulous, professional technician and car buff. For some 27 years before retiring I had run a business cleaning cars, aircraft, boats, etc, and one issue which was always at issue was removing the smell or odor in customers' cars.Knowing which product to use is one of the biggest keys to success in auto detailing. Since retiring I have written a number of articles on the subject of interior auto detailing.

Recently I received an email from an auto detailer who asked me to clarify on which is the best product to remove odor and the detailer stated;."I read your review on the product; Forceout.You mentioned that you do not swear by it but it is one of your approved products. Could you please let me know what product you do swear by for pet stains, pet odor and smoke odor?".Well this is an excellent question indeed; For Stain Remover I like Folex.For odor removal I like "odor eater" but, really the best way to remove odor is to use an Ozone Machine, but for a mobile detailer that maybe out of the budget and not something you have room for on your rig or even time on the job to use, as it takes about an hour, then you have to let the car air-out because ozone can be harmful.

Forceout, works good too and to this day I use it in my motor home and it works good for many things. Including any bathroom, behind refrigerator with moisture, etc. It seems their product would be better for even home use.In aircraft having a small squirt bottle of it makes a lot of sense and it is simple to use and it only takes one squirt. I have written several articles on "Interior Detailing" here for your benefit;.http://www. are certain things which work better on different materials and situations, but one thing is important do not spray any odor removal or odor masking products onto plastic clear dashboard areas or any of the newer after market auto accessories, which have plastic clear coatings to resemble wood grain or help accent the interiors. I hope this answers all your questions on removing odor for the professional auto detailer. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

Pontiac GTO

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