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Build A Custom Motorcycle Without Going Broke

Building a custom motorcycle isn't just something fun to do; it's something that can consume your life! But that's not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it doesn't consume your wallet in the process. If you've ever read the novel "Rebuilding the Indian," you know how difficult it can be to try and build or rebuild a motorcycle from a hodgepodge of parts and pieces. Using custom motorcycle kits is a much less frustrating and less expensive way to build your custom dream bike. Custom motorcycle kits don't take all the fun and sport out of building a motorcycle. They just provide you with all of those pieces, parts, odds, and ends that you're going to need to get your motorcycle together.

You know the feeling you have when you realize that you need to run to Home Depot again for another thing to finish your home project? This realization often results in retiring to the couch and vowing to finish "tomorrow." This is the scenario that custom motorcycle kits help you to avoid. Using custom motorcycle kits doesn't mean that you can't add all kinds of custom chrome or aftermarket Harley parts. The opportunity to add all kinds of custom chrome and custom parts is half the fun of the building your own bike. Make your selection from the various custom motorcycle kits based on the overall features of the bike you like, then swap out mirrors here, a seat there, get an amazing paint job, and soon your custom motorcycle kit becomes a truly customized bike. Before custom bike building became as popular as it is today, you would have had to get out the saw and the blowtorch and make your own custom motorcycle parts! Today there are so many aftermarket Harley parts, exhaust systems, wheels, and other motorcycle accessories that it's easy to build your own custom bike without having to invest loads of money in equipment and machinery.

The kit bike just makes things that much easier. And no, there's nothing about starting with custom motorcycle kits that is "wimpy." The alternative is to put together a list of things that you need, and then go shopping for them all over town and on the internet until you've filled your list. You'll have to decide whether you would rather have someone else put all the essentials into one box (custom motorcycle kits) or shop for everything yourself and build it from scratch. The money wasted in mismatched parts that don't work, the cost of gas from driving around town, and the cost of shipping parts from all over the country adds up! With a custom motorcycle kit, there is one purchase for all of your essentials, and then you can pick and choose any custom parts that you want to add or swap for a completely customized motorcycle.

Author is a writer for Jireh Cycles, offering quality custom motorcycle parts. For additional information you can visit

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