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Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator To Run Your Car On Water Power

Did you know it's possible to run your car on water with a simple hydrogen generator which can dramatically increase gas mileage? With the high prices of gas these days, people are becoming more and more desperate in the search for ways to increase the efficiency of their cars, SUVs, motorcycles and trucks. Gas is not getting cheaper and experts forecast that the current upward trend is going to continue for a long time to come yet. However, recent technology has emerged that can pave the way for relief of that "pain at the pump" that so many Americans are feeling. This technology involves using water to power your car, by means of a simple hydrogen generator. Many people are skeptical at the idea of water's ability to power a car, which is completely understandable.

But the important fact to note is that the car is not running completely on water. Instead, the water (H2O) is broken down into it's component parts i.e.

hydrogen and oxygen which is then used to supplement the existing gasoline fuel. It's these separate components which hold the key. Hydrogen is an extremely explosive gas and makes a superb fuel when burned in oxygen.

In fact, NASA uses a liquid-hydrogen and oxygen combustion method to launch the space shuttle. The by product of burning hydrogen and oxygen is a release of huge amounts of energy, plus water vapour. When you see a space shuttle launch, the huge plumes of "smoke" you see aren't really smoke at all - it's clouds of water vapour (i.e steam) that results from the hydrogen-oxygen combustion. By using this fuel mixture and combining it with regular gasoline, it's possible to increase the efficiency of any road vehicle. A simple hydrogen generator is relatively easy to put together (once you know which parts to use) and can cost less than $150.

Many users of such devices are reporting mileage increases of 74.1% and higher, so the initial cost of the device is quickly made up in fuel savings. An additional benefit of using this simple device is that it will allow your engine to burn cleaner, with less emissions. You may even be eligible for a tax rebate from the IRS.

In an effort to reduce emissions across the nation, the IRS is giving substantial credits to people who use "clean burning fuels" in their vehicles. A driver of a regular car could be eligible for $2,000 in additional tax credits, with larger commercial vehicles getting credits of $5,000 or more. With gas prices reaching topping more than $4 a gallon in many places across the nation, now is an ideal time to invest in a simple hydrogen generator to increase the fuel efficiency of your car. After all, if it's good enough for NASA and the space shuttle, it should be good enough for you!.

To discover how you can build your own hydrogen generator and also get a free report containing 17 proven gas saving tips, simply visit the site below and enter your name and email now:

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