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Gas Mileage Secrets Ways to Improve Gas Mileage

If you are one of the many people who are looking for ways to improve gas mileage, and lets face it just about everyone is, then read on to discover a few gas mileage secrets. The car or truck that you are driving may be the latest model, it may be the best looking vehicle that you have ever owned, with its shiny paintwork and beautiful finish, but in reality it is very poorly designed. Did you know that only a fraction of the gasoline that you put into your car is actually used? The rest of it is pure waste in the form of heat, exhaust gases, and carbon deposits that slowly destroys your engine. Just imagine for a minute, every dollar you spend at the gas pumps over half of it is being totally wasted and literally going up in smoke. Not only is this a waste of your hard earned cash but it also has a devastating affect on the environment, with all those exhaust emissions being pumped into the atmosphere. So we should all be looking for ways to improve gas mileage and cut down on this awful waste.

One of the simplest gas mileage secrets is not so much a secret as common sense. Keeping your car in tip top condition and regularly serviced is most important, as a poorly maintained engine will result in poor fuel efficiency in any vehicle. So 1) Always have your car serviced at the recommended intervals, and try using an energy conserving grade of oil as this will help to reduce friction and improve fuel consumption. 2) Check your air filter regularly and either clean or replace it when required. A clogged or dirty air filter reduces the amount of oxygen being mixed with the gasoline and so interferes with the correct fuel mixture, which causes it to burn rich and uneconomically and reduces the performance and power.

3) Stick with the right type of gas for your vehicle. By this I mean the use of the correct octane rating that is recommended for your car, if this is regular gas then using a higher octane rated fuel will simply be wasting your money. 4) Tire pressures can have a real affect on fuel economy. Always make sure that they are inflated to the correct pressure as tires that are under inflated can seriously reduce the gas mileage of your car. 5) Have your brakes tested by a competent mechanic. If you have binding or sticking brakes then you are literally driving with the brakes on and you can just imagine what this is doing to your fuel consumption.

6) Try to avoid aggressive or erratic driving. Such actions as quick acceleration and hard as sharp breaking will also have an affect on your fuel economy. Always try to accelerate smoothly and calmly, and think ahead when it comes to breaking and give yourself time to break gradually. Did you know that you can dramatically lower your fuel consumption with the use of one of the gas mileage devices available on the market. These hydrogen car kits use a small hydrogen generator which basically turns water from a small resevour under the hood into HHO gas which is then mixed with the regular gasoline from your fuel tank and burnt in the engine in the usual way. This mixture burns more efficiently and cleanly giving you improvements of gasoline consumption of 35% or more.

These 7 tips are not really gas mileage secrets, they are simply things that we can all do as ways to improve gas mileage, save money, and at the same time reduce the amount of harmful exhaust emissions we all put into the atmosphere.

Discover for yourself great ways to increase gas mileage and cut your gasoline consumption in half with simple step-by-step guides to show you how.

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