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Help For Women Buying A Car Written by a Woman

It never ceases to amaze me in the 21st century the way women are sometimes treated by car salesmen when they walk into a car showroom. Here are just some of the attitudes women have to face :- When visiting a showroom alone - " Where's you're husband?" When with a male companion - All conversation is directed at him and you're questions remain unanswered. When going for a test drive, not being allowed to drive the vehicle.

When allowed to drive the vehicle, the salesman drives you to a quiet road before the keys are handed over. When advising the salesman it's going to be a company car he replies "Where's your boss?" Believe me it's true, interesting thought, have you ever seen a female car salesperson? Ok so what can be done to rectify the situation? Quite a lot. Get clued up, I mean enter the showroom armed with as much knowledge as possible. It's not difficult.

First you will need to have a good idea of the type of car you're interested in buying. Use the internet, newspapers, magazines do some research on - engine size, fuel consumption, warranty, pricing, finance etc. I'd advise making your visit to the car showroom on your own, certainly not with a male companion (see above).

Leave the short skirt, high heels and low top for when you want to sell your car. You must give the impression of being an intelligent, well educated business person. You'll be amazed at how much this will boost your confidence and encourage the salesperson to treat you with more respect.

When you first enter the showroom walk directly to the salesperson, if there is no one available, don't flutter like a butterfly round the showroom idly glancing at different cars. After all you know what you want, sit down or stand in one spot keeping a constant look out for the next available assistant. Once you have spotted a free assistant immediately walk over to them (remember you are in charge of this situation) shake hands firmly and introduce your self " Hi I'm Jane Smith, I've been looking at purchasing a etc. etc." It's quite common for a salesman to apply the jargon and technical sales talk.

Now if you've done your research this shouldn't fly over you're head too much. If something is mentioned that you feel is relevant and you don't understand it, ask for more details, this is different to showing you're ignorance, by asking for him to explain it again, because you don't understand. Ensure you check out the history of the vehicle if second hand, servicing history, mileage, how long is the warranty does it include parts and labour who was the previous owner? Another important point you must remember despite the attitudes of salesmen towards women they still need to make sales to keep their jobs. Every showroom will have the odd car that hasn't sold for what ever reason ( and trust me there is usually a very good reason why other savvy and clued up customers have not bought it). DANGER Area. Salespersons will use every trick in the book to try and get rid of such a vehicle.

Of course you've got it ! - they need to wait until some unsuspecting ignorant customer appears. So be VERY CAREFUL when the assistant tries to steer you away from your original choice of vehicle, mentions fantastic discounts, used to belong to a colleague etc. etc. Often if you ask about the warranty details on the vehicle (make sure this includes parts and labour) this will often give a clearer picture to the vehicles condition.

Finally if you're looking at purchasing on finance as with the car, you must shop around. Car salesmen not only receive revenue from the cars they sell, but also a handsome commission when they sign you up for finance so always check out other means of funding and finance providers for the best rate.

The way women are sometimes treated by car salesmen when they walk into a car showroom never ceases to amaze me . Learn how to play the car salesmen back at their own game. Visit for more free How To's

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