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History of Gas Prices

How do finance professionals in the gas market analyze the financial futures related to gas? Given the constantly fluctuating market prices, calculating the financial future may not possible without a solid set of 'instruments'.The history of gas prices is a powerful indicator of future trends. Gas market professionals use price history to gain invaluable insight into the gas markets, regardless of whether they buy or sell physical gas or deal with gas financial futures.Professionals undertake a comparison of the current and historical situations, along with the factors that give rise to these, and determine the particular direction of gas price movements.In the commodities futures markets, one can also witness the presence of a wide variety of gas derivative instruments that help to enhance financial performance in physical markets.

These instruments are used by professionals to derive information that enables producers and consumers to seek precautionary measures against sudden price fluctuations, apart from serving as powerful vehicles of speculative investment.Price histories help gas professionals to get the big picture. The analyses undertaken by gas market professionals are powered by data on the real-time gas price, the price history, the trading volume history and other information. Using these parameters, gas market professionals observe price trends and trading patterns, and make informed decisions.Professionals also use price histories to gauge spreads and difference between prices, on futures contracts. For example, professionals might like to use price history to be able to hedge against price risks.

Today, more than half of the states in the US use financial tools like futures contracts and weather risk insurance to stabilize the prices of gas.Price histories also help chart out particular trends in gas prices, and they are correlated and compared to gas instruments in the energy or other financial markets. Gas price history has emerged as a widely accepted analytical tool to understand market fluctuations in gas. Combined with an analysis of seasonality, gas price histories can provide a powerful look into the future.


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By: Jimmy Sturo

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