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How UN Protects its Personnel by Making its Cars Safe

" A Jankel vehicle too 55 direct hits from an AK-47, but was driven back to the base without one round having penetrated the cabin " There are some 90,000 UN personnel stationed across the world involved in duties ranging from peace keeping, special services operations and essential reconstruction work to rebuild societies, communities and lives in war torn regions of the world. How does UN protect its protectors? Providing specially modified vehicles is one strategy which has paid big dividends as illustrated by the statement in quotes above. Building safety into UN vehicles and making them safe is a task assigned to and performed by a British Firm: Jankel because of its experience combined with its long track record since 1955 in providing special vehicles.

Price of a vehicle modification can range from 60,000 to 250,000. So what security features, safety enhancements and modifications are made:- Radio jammers. Remote detonators pose a real threat to UN vehicles. Radio jammers with a range of 100 metres use very high powered radio signals to jam signal used to trigger roadside bombs. These devices protect 100s of lives. Powerful Engines.

Why does UN needs big and powerful vehicles? The vehicles need to be powerful so that they can outrun their attackers if the need arises. The second reason for massive engines is because the modification adds a lot of extra weight to the vehicle. Therefore, extra power through turbocharging is essential to compensate for extra weight. Armour & glass. What thickness armour and glass size will protect and withstand an attack by AK-47, rocket or grenade? 6 millimetre steel plate armour and 38 millimetre glass. Special armour walls behind rear seats and armouring the floor area provides for a safe cabin capable of withstanding most attacks.

Vehicle door are equipped with manual deadlocks bolts to ensure doors are not blown away. Communication. Being able to communicate with your attackers can be a life saver in some situations.

This communication system is provided by a "mic" onboard and external body mounted speakers. Standard door glass is sealed. However, optional wind down windows are available to return fire if possible.

Fuel tank. Modified fuel tank holds 32 gallons which is three times the capacity of a standard tank. This increase in fuel tank capacity gives the vehicle a 500 miles range thereby pre-empting the need for re-fuelling in hostile territory. Letterbox. Letter box is basically a slot on the side of the door. This slot is used to pass papers to officials for checking and to check papers of suspects for example.

Shot tyres. In situations where all 4 tyres have been shot. The special off-road tyres will help run the vehicle for 30 miles.

The German designed suspension will cope with extra weight in an emergency. In conclusion, extensive security enhancement protect the vehicle occupants from danger. But, all security provisions enable UN to protect its personnel, deal with insurgents as much as is possible and deliver help and assistance to the victims of the conflict and their families.

UN cars are truly made safe via thorough modifications. You can have your own car armoured plated if you so wish. For information on cars goto at

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