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Hyundai Equus Are Your Ready For a Korean V

One generation after the introduction of its first line of cars in the US, Hyundai Motors is preparing to import to the US its first V8 powered car. The Equus, a full sized sedan, will be new to the US market, but the Korean automaker has been making large cars for years. Please read on for more information about this exciting development.

Give Hyundai credit. In the teeth of strong competition from Asian and American automobile manufacturers, the South Korean auto giant has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the hyper-competitive US auto market.

Twenty years after the Excel Pony was introduced at the budget price of $3750, Hyundai has upgraded its line up and now sells small and medium models, sporty cars, and a pair of SUVs.

For 2006, Hyundai has released an all new Accent and its first larger car, the Azera. Powered by an aluminum 3.8L V6 engine, the Azera compares favorably in size and in amenities with the Toyota Avalon, the top of the line car for the Japanese automaker. However, Hyundai isn¬'t finished just yet.

Waiting in the wings is a full sized rear wheel drive car, the Equus.

With the same standard engine as the Azera, the Equus also comes with a V8 and will be positioned to compete directly with the Buick Lucerne, perhaps even Cadillac¬'s DTS. The current model, introduced in 1999, is undergoing a major revision and will be replaced in 2006. Hyundai hopes to bring this model to the US by 2008, although the Equus name might be changed. Hyundai is also looking at the possibility of creating a separate line of luxury cars and making the ¬"Equus¬" its first entrant.

We don¬'t know too much about the Equus as Hyundai is keeping mum about what they have planned. Regardless, introducing a full sized luxury car into the US market is smart and knowing how Hyundai prices their products the car will be a relative bargain for consumers and more competition for Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, Mercedes, BMW, Lincoln, Buick, and Cadillac.

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By: Matthew C. Keegan

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