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Improve Your Trucks Resale Value with Bed Liners

There are many brands of pickup truck bedliners available. They offer many different features, but they all fall into two basic categories: drop-in bedliners and sprayed-on bedliners. Which is the best for your pickup truck and your needs? Taking a look at the pros and cons for each type of truck bedliner might help you choose the best accessory for your needs. The pros of drop-in bedliners: Drop-in bedliners are easy to install and can be easily removed.

Most have thick, rigid bodies that provide pretty good protection against dents in the bed of your truck. Drop-in bedliners are long lasting and easy to clean. They can mount under the bedrail or can be placed over it to add more protection.

Some drop-in bedliners, like the Bedrug, are made from flexible materials. They are gentler than the rigid models, and even people find them comfortable to sit on. The price can range anywhere from $300-$450.

Look closely at each type to determine how much protection it offers. Cons of drop-in bedliners: Some drop-in bedliners can shift around and rigid versions can scuff the paint underneath. Dirt and sand can get behind a drop-in liner, making scratches even more likely if you don't keep the area clean. Drop-in bedliners can be gouged or broken, but they can take a lot of abuse before the truck bed is affected. Pros of sprayed-on bedliners: Sprayed-on bedliners stick to your truck's body panels, so they can not shift around. There are no gaps between the liner and the bed of the truck, so sand and water can not get between and rust or erode your truck bed.

They are not as thick as drop-ins, but they do minimize minor denting. The sprays can be applied to any body panel, including interior or floor panels. Sprayed-on liners are easy to clean and available in many colors. You might prefer their sleeker look.

Cost can range between $90 for do-it-yourself kits to $450 for professional installation. This also depends on the size truck you have. Cons of sprayed-on bedliners: Sprayed-on bedliners can't be removed. They aren't as thick as drop-ins, so it's more likely that dropping something sharp or heavy will dent or gouge the liner and the truck bed underneath. Hard-to-remove stains, such as spilled paints, may become a permanent part of your truck bed.

A sprayed-on liner should be applied by a professional if you want a truly professional appearance. Bottom Line is that there are more aftermarket bedliner choices now than there have ever been. You must ask yourself several questions to decide which type is the right one for you.

How do you use your truck? Do you expect the bedliner to protect your truck from constant hauling of heavy objects? Do you need only minimal protection for occasional use? Is the bedliner strictly for looks? Study as many online resources as you can find, then visit local bedliner distributors. Ask questions about each bedliner as it pertains to your needs to sort out which is the best for you.

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