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Mustang Exhaust Understanding Performance Upgrades

Next to buying new wheels, upgrading the exhaust is the most common alteration done to a mustang. Either exchanging the mid-pipes, or redoing the entire system a common theme among mustang owners is they want exhaust systems that sound great and last. You can achieve this by improving the parts of your exhaust.

Now you ask yourself, what are the different parts of the mustang exhaust? The mustang exhaust system contains more that just nuts and bolts in its construction and performance. Among the most important functions the mustang exhaust system performs includes: moving hot exhaust gases coming out from your car, limiting noise output, and reducing exhaust emissions. This exhaust system is key to improving overall engine performance because it allows you to increase air flow through the engine faster. How does the exhaust system do these things? It is done by pushing the gases from your engine, through the pipes and mufflers, and out of your car.

There are three main components to the mustang exhaust system. All Mustangs have the same set-up, regardless of the year of making. I highly recommend upgrading both the headers and going with cat-back exhaust. Not only will you improve performance, you will improve the sound and fuel efficiency in some cases. We begin with the manifolds.

This piece is connected to the exhaust ports, and joins the waste gases from all of the cylinders into a single location. Some people will refer to this piece as the "mustang headers". Despite the fact the names are both used, they actually refer to two slightly different things. Manifolds force the gases into a single chamber at maximum speed and pressure. The headers consist of tubes which allow the gases to flow at their own pace, like water through a drain. The next part is the mid-pipe, which is a component of every mustang exhaust system.

This is the place where the gases arrive after they leave the manifold, with the main purpose being to equalize the exhaust pulses. These are the exhaust bursts from the engine to the pipe, which creates a more efficient working of the system, and allow the engine to produce greater power. The mustang catback is the third component. This attaches to the back of the catalytic converters. The complete assembly includes the mufflers and tailpipes. This is where the vicious gases from you engine end up.

There are several after market updates available for headers, exhaust, and intake. By clicking the links within this article or resource box you will find the bes source.

Manifolds are the first component of the system and are attached to the engine exhaust ports. Mustang exhaust gasses are funneled through the manifolds from the cylinders into the mid-pipe, which is the single exhaust passage for all cylinders. Mustang headers are synonymous with manifolds, and although they perform the same functions, they do not work in exactly the same way. Headers normally have curved tubes joining the exhaust ports to the exhaust pipe while the several holes of the manifold converge into a common chamber. Another crucial component is the mustang catback.

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