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Skateboard Bearings

Like any contraption with wheels, skateboards have bearings too. Although considered a professional sport, manufacturing skateboards and their parts are still largely influenced by street culture. The bearings are the metal inside the wheels that bear all the weight of the person and the skateboard combined but also provide for maximum movability.

Good bearings are crucial for a good board.There are no specific standard rating guidelines for skateboard bearings. By disparate comparison, expert skateboarders estimate the precision of the bearings and know that the good ones fall under 3 or 5, using the ABEC system of rating bearings used in machines. These bearings can give you a smooth ride but at the same time, they are strong enough to bear the brunt when you jump on your board.But not all manufacturers consider the ABEC when producing skateboard bearings. You wouldn't really know their performance until you try them out yourself.

At the store, you may ask assistance in replacing the bearings on your skateboard.But the procedure is quite easy. There should be no problem if you do it yourself. You will need a skate key.

If you don't have one, a screwdriver will be fine. Next, using the screwdriver, pry out the old bearings from the wheels.Then, grab the new bearing and place it at the end of the skate key or screwdriver. Press the bearing into the wheel with even pressure. Do the same to the other wheel.

Now put those on the tracks and you're done.

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By: Steve Valentino

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