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The Audi A a Super Mini with History

This vehicle is better-known as a supermini vehicle which was ahead of its time, the car was manufactured by the German automaker Audi and it was mostly made of aluminum, it was first showcased in 1997 at the Frankfurt motor show however, seeing that the features and the design were not that favorable to consumers. The Audi A2 started production back in 1997 and the last vehicle left the fabric in 2005 this is mostly due to the fact that the consumer acceptance that it had was not that great and it was also clearly reflecting in the sales of this vehicle. Compared to its rival the Mercedes-Benz A-class the sales of the A2 were a lot lower than expected, the Mercedes-Benz vehicle sold nearly one million units while the Audi sold nearly 175,000 units which as you can tell is nearly 1/5 of the numbers achieved by their competitors. The sales failure was somewhat impressive and to so many people by surprise due to the fact that this model was elected to do a lot better taking consideration all of the features that it had at the time.

The A2 was the first of five door vehicle on sale in Europe which had an impressive return on miles per gallon, the fuel efficiency was of nearly 94 miles per gallon which is still impressive given today's standards and gas prices. The fuel efficiency numbers mentioned above refers to the special version "3L" diesel engine which worked better in a model which had installed narrow tires. Because of the dynamic chassis and the fact that this vehicle only weights 1000 kg or nearly 2000 pounds, it was considered to be one of the prime vehicles when it came to fuel efficiency. Some people may argue that the reason this vehicle did not reach the expected sales numbers needed in order to stay competitive with other manufacturers and models is that its design was a somewhat odd, it's like the mixture from a minivan with a mini, its interior construction is also referred to as the sandwich-type which provided good space bug was not very popular among consumers. provides more information to the Audi A2 community through a very useful Audi A2 forum, visit us today!

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