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Toyota auris car reviews

Toyota has been criticized for its tendency to recycle designs which is the case with the new Toyota Auris (the successor of the Toyota Corolla). Although the Toyota Auris sports a 2.0 litre D-4D diesel engine, the engine does have a tendency of being cranky when it is started up. The engine's performance improves once it is running and any unseemly noises are all but gone once the engine has been running for a considerable period of time. Like all Toyota vehicles, the steering is light and there are hardly any problems in negotiating tight curves and bends. A possible criticism of the Toyota Auris could be the lack of space, unlike other hatchbacks the Toyota Auris has limited boot space.

In addition, people that are taller than 6 feet will find the dashboard low and will probably end up feeling cramped for space in the Toyota Auris. In fact, the slightly lower console is perhaps the only ergonomic flaw in the Auris and there is no denying that the Toyota is ergonomically designed. The Toyota Auris has a storage cubby below the front seat, but the cubby is difficult to access for taller people (the lowered central console is the culprit again). When it comes to looks, one cannot but help feeling a sense of déjà vu as the Auris does resemble the Toyota Corolla a lot.

Toyota should consider revamping the Corolla from the ground up (much like the Honda Civic). Another positive in the design of the Toyota Auris is the heating controls that are well placed and are easy to operate (a must for people living in cold countries like the UK). The Toyota Auris features a button like handbrake system that would be difficult to operate for women with long nails and the hand brake could have been more ergonomically designed. The four cylinder, 130 bhp engine will probably require some 'running in' before its starts delivering to its full potential.

People looking for a car that is sharp, nippy, and responsive should take a look at the Toyota Auris (however the petrol engine version is not as powerful as one might expect). The exterior of the Toyota Auris does give it a 'corporate' look but the overall look of the Toyota Auris is not as impressive as one might expect. In fact, the Toyota Auris looks rather 'run of the mill' and is not going to be first choice with people that are looking for something that is sleek and classy. The Toyota Auris comes equipped with airbag and seat belt indicators, and petrol fans get the choice of a 96bhp 1.

4-litre unit or an all-new 122bhp 1.6-litre VVT-i engine. The 175bhp 2.

2 D-4D comes equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission and is ideally suited for people that love a little bit of power. Dubbed as the successor to the Corolla, the Toyota Auris is expected to get considerable market share and will take time before it establishes itself in the competitive hatchback market. For more information and reviews on the Toyota Auris visit

Robert Elding is the author of this article on Toyota Auris. Find more information about Toyota Corolla here.

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