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Tyre Inflation Is Changing

Tyre inflation is changing and according to Pneu-air, the F1 tyre inflation specialists, Uniflate Nitrogen is the most important technology to advance tyre inflation since the pneumatic tyre was invented. Uniflate Nitrogen inflation has been developed by Pneu-air for the sole purpose of tyre inflation and is the result of constant research and over 16 years experience in Formula 1 and the general motoring sector. As far back as 1992 Pneu-air developed the very first Uniflate Nitrogen inflation system for tyre's and have been exclusive suppliers to Formula 1 ever since. The real fact is that Compressed air is not a suitable medium for pneumatic tyre inflation.

Water vapor, oxygen, and oil all exist in compressed air and are known natural enemies of the tyre. Water vapor and oxygen escape through the tyre structure resulting in lost pressure, whilst Nitrogen remains in the cavity for longer. In addition the oxygen ages and hardens the rubber whilst the oil eats away at the butyl inner liner. Uniflate Nitrogen maintains tyre pressures for longer and with its minimal expansion properties the tread contact with the road is optimized. This enables the driver to exercise maximum control over the car at all times with both tyre pressures and contour working with the driver.

Of course correct tyre pressures means improved rolling resistance so the tyre is rolling and not dragging along. Independent tests show the benefits of Nitrogen inflation when compared to compressed air. In fuel economy terms it can save up to 5% in fuel consumption and increase the life of the tyre by up to 25%.

With popularity growing within the UK Tyre industry, Pneu-air have now teamed up with Tyre Bay Direct, one of the UK's leading garage equipment and consumable suppliers to offer the most cost effective systems on the market. "We knew that our customers wanted Nitrogen inflation and we are extremely happy to have exclusively teamed up with the experts in this field." Said Leigh Stote, Managing Director of Tyre Bay Direct.

"Pneu-air's pedigree and experience speaks for itself and for us to have that support, as well as systems designed especially for the tyre shops, proves our commitment to bringing the industry the very best products." Uniflate Nitrogen Tyre inflation is already available at over 150 sites in the UK including selected Kwik-Fit and ATS Euromaster sites as well as Selecta Tyre, Merityre, North East Tyre's and many other independent retailers.

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