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Unique Fuel Conversion System For Ethanol Power Cars

It is a product of sugar metabolism in certain species of yeast in the absence of oxygen. The process of culturing yeast under conditions to produce alcohol is referred to as brewing. Yeasts can grow in the presence of up to only about 14% alcohol, but the concentration of alcohol in the final product can be increased by distillation. Ethanol contains oxygen that provides a cleaner and more efficient burn of the fuel.

When used in ethanol power cars, it reduces carbon dioxide, a major contributor to global warming. Although burning ethanol still releases carbon dioxide during production and combustion. The use of ethanol blended fuel is very popular in the United States. One of the most popular is e85 fuel a mixture of conventional gasoline and ethanol.

The result is a much cleaner burning fuel that is just as efficient as standard fuels. This mixture is optimized for a combination of clean exhaust and efficiency and will function properly in almost any non-diesel car or truck. So, what is ethanol? Ethanol is ethyl alcohol which needs to be 100% pure. Ethanol is the highest performance fuel on the market and keeps today's high-compression engines running smoothly. Ethanol-blended fuel (such as e85) keeps your fuel system clean, cause it does not leave gummy exhausts.

And because ethanol burns cleaner, it produces fewer emissions. Today, all ethanol cars manufacturers approve the use of ethanol blended fuels and even recommend to use ethanol for its positive environmental impacts. The use of an ethanol will allow to increase the performance of ethanol cars in general. Initial tests showed that ethanol may also extend from 20 to 80% the engine's maintenance.

The conversion of existing engines is not only feasible, but also cost effective. One of the most convenient ethanol-gasoline mixtures is called e85 and consists of 85% ethanol to 15% gasoline. Ethanol fueled cars are specially designed to run well as on the mixture of ethanol to gas as on alcohol fuel, moreover, they are able to detect the specific ratio of ethanol to gas and adjust themselves accordingly to run as efficiently as possible.

Ethanol cars that run on ethanol can also run on regular gas, too, that's how flexible they really are! Using flex-fuel converter system AutoFFV, will allow you to refuel your ethanol cars with alcohol, gasoline or a mixture of both E85. From now you don't need to use only gasoline to run your car as there are a lot of different alternative fuels. The choice of alternative fuel sources is larger today than it has ever been before. Take advantage of flex-fuel conversion system and run your ethanol cars on economic alcohol or ethanol fuels instead of traditional gasoline.

Vidar Lura write articles about to operate with ethanol-based fuels, which reduces our dependency as a nation on foreign oil, improves our environment. Unique Fuel Conversion System For Ethanol Power Cars. More info visit website

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