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Used Truck What You Should Look For

If you are in the market for a used truck here are some things that you should look for:.1. If you are looking for a newer used truck, you should try to find one that is less than three years old, if possible.

The depreciation rate is the reason for this guideline. Immediately after any car or truck leaves the lot brand new, it depreciates faster than it will for the rest of its life, and then the rate slows and levels off at about 3 years.2.You can get a good idea of what you can afford for your used truck by using an online financing calculator. You simply enter the amount of the loan (do not forget to subtract any trade in value or down payment from the purchase price) and then put in the current interest rate and the length of financing.

3. Always check the Blue Book price for any used truck you are thinking of buying.If the price you are being offered on the used truck is a lot lower than what you find or a lot higher, you can ask questions to find out the reasons.

4. Don't try to buy more used truck than you need or can afford. If you are a professional who uses a truck to haul heavy materials from location to location or around your work site, you may need a full-size, heavy duty truck. But, if you are going to be using it to haul groceries or an occasional sofa, you can probably get a mid-sized or compact pick-up.5.Use caution when buying a used truck from a private seller.

You may become the victim of identity theft or some other crime. Make sure that you not only check the identity of the seller, you also should check out the truck with a mechanic of your choice and also on a service which checks to see if your car has had any reported problems or been in an accident.6. A dealership may offer higher prices than a private seller, but you will probably get some type of warranty and you can purchase an extended warranty if you choose.

A dealer will often have on site financing as well. Talk to people you know who have recently bought a used car or truck to get names of good reputable dealers-this is a great way to get a firsthand account of the dealer.

.Eriani Doyel writes articles about Trucks. If you would like more information about a used truck visit daytruck.


By: Eriani Doyel

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