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What About The Seat Ibiza

SEAT is a Volkswagen subsidiary and one of the leading car makers in Spain. It was founded in the year 1950 as a subsidiary of Fiat, with an important share owned by the Spanish Government under Francisco Franco. The acronym "SEAT" meant Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo (Spanish Corporation of Private Cars). Initially, SEAT manufactured rebadged Fiat models which differed very little visually from the products of the Italian parent. But now things are very different from them days. The Seat Ibiza is one of the best selling of all of Seat's cars and other vehicles.

It is also one of the first vehicles of its kind to prove that a diesel powered car could work on the family market while still flourishing in the performance market as well. Both performance enthusiasts and soccer mums get a kick out of the Ibiza. Better yet, it is excellent for the fuel economy while still evoking a realistic speed and style. The Seat Ibiza comes with one of two engines: the 180bhp 1.

8 litre turbo petrol engine; and a 160bhp 1.9 litre turbo diesel engine. The 1.8 litre engine comes with 245Nm worth of torque; the 1.

9 litre engine has 330Nm worth of torque. Either way, the Seat Ibiza gives an extraordinarily strong performance, especially given the kind of vehicle it is. It does as well on sharp inclines as it does on country roads.

The gear box, a six speed manual, is extremely smooth, as is the overall ride ? the ride itself is smooth and there is little noise or jostling to be felt. Drivers praise the Seat Ibiza especially for its chassis and suspension, calling it sporty and free. It takes even the hardest of corners with ease and does extremely well on rough and broken roads.

It has seventeen inch wheels sporting low tyres and the quality of its damping is sublime. Driving the Seat Ibiza is a true experience. Its grip goes above and beyond, lending to a rather thrilling experience. The car handles even steep mountainous curves like a dream, the balance of its wet setting perfectly at all times. The brakes have a fantastic catch as well. The steering is well balanced too, and it responds with a wonderfully light touch.

The Seat Ibiza is available as a three door model and a five door model, both of which are equipped with hatchbacks. Standard features include speed sensitive power steering, power windows up front, an adjustable steering wheel, a CD player, an anti lock brake system, front seat air bags, and a folding year seat in the five door models. Other features include a collapsible steering column and a mobile brake pedal, which is triggered to move out of the way if there is an accident. The dashboard features one shot moulding and it affords the front of the interior an overall sleeker, smoother appearance. The centre console extends up towards the instrument pod; from there to the centre, it angles outward, to surround the climate control system and the audio controls. The seats in the Seat Ibiza practically breathe class and style.

They are sports seats, and along with the steering wheel, they feature luxurious leather trim. The seats are solid, offering both stability and such supremely comfortable positioning that they easily invite long car rides and road trips. At this time when people are still trying to get used to smart cars, hybrid cars, and other economically practical, environmentally safe vehicles, the Seat Ibiza is an innovative car.

Innovation is sometimes punished and in this case, drivers might be wary about giving vehicles like the Ibiza a fair shot. That is understandable ? one never knows how one will respond to a diesel car. However, the Seat Ibiza has been around for over twenty years, it is a name to be trusted. Even if potential buyers are still wary or simply cannot afford to buy an Ibiza should try a leasing or contract hire program. That might be more affordable in the long run and, anyway, it will give consumers a chance to experiment with the Seat Ibiza.

Written on behalf of Total Fleet by John Eva
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