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Why Use a Vehicle Tracking Device

The vehicle tracking device has gained immense popularity due to the huge number of advantages it provides. In fact, these devices have given a rise to an entirely new arena of merchandise. It consists of a device that is installed in the vehicle with the core objective of tracking the movement, speed and location of that vehicle. There are several vehicle tracking systems available to choose from. They are mostly based on the Global Positioning System (GPS). Some come with a satellite transmitter that is designed to communicate vital information to the remote user.

The important information transmitted is displayed on electronic maps that can be accessed using specialised software or via the internet. Nowadays, vehicle tracking systems can be obtained with package deals in which the service provider offers everything from mapping software and vehicle tracking devices to hardware and installation. The GPS satellite tracking systems are regulated by the Government and are quite inexpensive in comparison to other automatic vehicle location systems. The vehicle tracking device is more popularly known as a vehicle theft prevention device. When a vehicle is stolen, this device helps the police to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle by simply following the signals received from the device.

Vehicle tracking systems are of great use in managing a fleet of vehicles. They ensure the smooth performance of fleet management tasks such as routing and dispatch. They help to keep a constant watch on the behaviour of the driver and the speed at which they are driving the vehicle.

They also enable the system owner to a keep track of the mileage and fuel used. Vehicle tracking systems can indirectly help to diminish the total cost of vehicle insurance, as the chances of losing vehicles are reduced greatly. Vehicle tracking devices have proved better than conventional vehicle alarms and serve as the best means of security for any vehicle. Supatrak is known for its cost effective, efficient vehicle tracking devices. Our devices are simple to use and are easily installable.

They are suitable for all levels of organisation, both it big or small. We offer updates every minute, which can be seen through a browser on our web based mapping system. You can upgrade your vehicle tracking device to incorporate Mobile Worker and CANbus applications at any point of time. We aim to provide vehicle tracking devices based on state of the art technology.

There are no hidden costs associated with Supatrak products. Our monthly fee is inclusive of all charges, including installation and warranty. Our help desk is available round the clock to try and solve any problems.

We deal in a wide range of products such as Mobile Worker, Supatrak CANbus, Supatrak Trailer, Supatrak Solo, Cold Chain Monitoring and many more. For more information on our vehicle tracking system, visit

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