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Why You Should Attend An Antique Automobiles Show

Many people have been attending antique autombiles shows for years, meeting like-minded individuals and seeing cars that were roaming the streets decades before. However, many people have yet to experience what it is like to attend an antique automobile show, and for the uninitiated majority, they do not know what they are missing out on! Antique cars shows, believe it or not, are about more than just seeing beautiful cars ? it is also about the atmosphere, the people and the opportunities for networking. Great Family Day Out! Antique automobile shows are a great day out for the whole family. Anyone in your family who has a passion for engineering or cars will not be able to take their eyes off everything that is going on.

Even those who aren't as passionate about automobiles will still be able to have a great day with everything that is on offer. Like what? Depending on which antique show you attend, you can usually count on good food, great people and an enjoyable day sun-drenched day(weather permitting of course)! Magazines and On-line Offer No Comparison Sure, you have seen that dream car that you lust over in magazines, and you have even seen it from all angles on your favourite classic car website, however until you have seen it for real ? right in front on your eyes ? you will not be able to truly experience the culture and history that surrounds it. Also, if you are lucky you will be able to sit inside it, and come one step closer to what it would feel like to drive the car of your dreams. If you are really, really, lucky you will be able to drive it, which surely goes beyond looking at your favorite car in a magazine ? doesn't it? Network, Network, Network! Everyone who has a passion, has to have someone to share it with.

Everyone has heard of the classic example of our serviceman talking about the war, much to the disappointment of their friends and family who have heard the same story thousands of times! Little do antique car lovers know, they are just as bad when it comes to talking about cars. When you attend a classic car show you will be able to meet people who are just as desperate to talk about cars as you, meaning you can waffle on and on as much as you like! Thinking Of Buying Or Selling? If you are thinking about buying or selling classic cars then an antique car show could well be the best place to do it. You will be able to meet people who are active buyers, and also people who own the kind of cars you like, meaning that the opportunities available to you are vast. If you know someone who is looking to buy a car that is on display there you could even consider ways to flip the car and make a profit! The opportunities available, in terms of buying and selling, are unlimited so get your thinking hat on and you could well make money and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Norm Stamm is the co-founder of the Web's premier site for showing off antique automobiles and hot rods. Visit his antique car photos site,, and learn how to make your own car show online (for free).

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